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How to make online marketing success with latest Google UPDATES .

How to make online marketing success with latest Google algorithm updates!

Google and other search engines are constantly making minor and major changes to their

algorithms to curb the inorganic ways of many SEO’s and websites to climb up the

rankings. The online marketing therefore, has to stay aware of the changes constantly.

While the minor changes that are being made are sometimes very subtle with little or no

affect to many, the major changes to affect the entire ranking system. These changes are

usually done after being announced on a certain date. The recent big ones have been the

Penguin and the Mobilegeddon. The Mobilegeddon updated in April 2015 was to

accommodate the thousands of search engine users who are using their mobile phones to

search. The mobile friendliness initiative is much welcome and the marketers have to

gear up accordingly with content and technical initiatives.

It is important to keep pace with the updates to fair well in the ranking system as the

updates are made after much research and study.

The online marketing team today has to make sure that their initiatives and tools used by

them are mobile friendly in the technology savvy world. The web traffic coming from the

mobile devices is increasing dramatically and ranges anywhere between 11-50 %.

While most digital marketers are already geared and working towards maximizing the

mobile storm, many feel that their industry will be untouched and still others are

watching out for the shift in behavioral pattern to start the marketing activity.

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Posted by Andy Alagappan on February 8th, 2016

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