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How companies benefit by pay per Click (PPC) for lead generation ?

How companies benefit by pay per Click (PPC) for lead generation ? By pay per click, search engines basically give different companies an option of being able to retain a high position on the search engine results. When we search for a particular topic, product or service we see 10 ++ pages with at least 20 links on each one of them; however we more often than not go through the first few links...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on December 25th, 2014

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Why is Inbound marketing so popular?

Why is Inbound marketing so popular? While outbound marketing techniques have been quite successful and are still being used by many companies, the new inbound marketing techniques are gaining momentum and are gaining a lot of popularity due to their cost effectiveness and successful results. The reason why people are finding the inbound marketing techniques to be so effective is because the...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on December 25th, 2014

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What Is A keyword ?

What Is A keyword? A keyword is a word or phrase that a person uses to gather information on a topic online. people can enter keywords into search engines like google and bing or social media sites like facebook, twitter, and linkedIn. More and more consumers are finding businesses online through keyword search. you can take advantage of this consumer habit by optimizing your website and social...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on February 2nd, 2014

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SEO Ranking Factors for 2014 and forward

There are several points that are interesting that comes out of all of this…Google’s recent algorithm updates : ( What was most striking about the announcement was not the fact that there is a new algorithm, but that it has been live for at least 30 days, with no prior announcement.) * Links are still believed to be the most important part of the algorithm (approximately 40%). *...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on October 8th, 2013

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B2B web site marketing Blog Tips

Having an abundance of e-books, white papers, webinars, podcasts, video, etc. is great. Services / product info – I recommend that for each service or product you offer, you have a page of content describing it – versus cramming everything onto one or two pages. Having more pages also makes it easier to optimize for specific keywords. FAQs – Multiple FAQ pages regarding different aspects...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on July 14th, 2013

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