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  WHY US? is a “TOP” proven & experienced search engine optimization firm providing customized & comprehensive, ethical search engine optimization strategies, that have the ultimate aim of increasing targeted qualified prospects to your web site. That’s what ultimately sells services. It also markets and creates brand visibility for your business 24/7 !

We have done over 1000+ web marketing projects !! Call us.
We are currently managing over $2+ million + of our clients monthly PPC Ad budgets !

Experienced & Proven Web Based / On Line Marketing and Industrial Marketing Strategies for B2B Firms

Identify your target visitors or potential customers?

Who are you targeting, and why, this is going to be important in how your website is marketed and focused and how well it works in generating sales leads.

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If you’re not in the Top 20 listings, you don’t exist. If you’re not in the Top 20, you’re losing NEW business.

MUST check into 2 critical areas before engaging a SEO Agency :

1. Experience and Track record ? : Find out , how long they have been executing SEO / PPC / SMO campaigns for clients . How many projects have they executed thus far ? What types of clients (eg) local one zip code contractors type businesses ..etc versus national B2B Companies.

2. SKILLS ? : FIND OUT : HOW MANY ” FULL TIME ” PROGRAMMERS , DESIGNERS AND CONTENT WRITERS they have on staff . & ask about their staffs education and work histories aswell .

Buyer Beware ! Do your Due Deligence. It’s Your “Business Brand Name” that’s at stake here.


The #1 way people find new web sites is via search engines;
e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN.
50% to 80% of your online traffic should be coming via search engines.
90% of all Internet users only view sites listed under # 20 – IN THE FIRST TWO PAGES – on the Search Engine Rankings.
The higher your Search Engine Ranking, the more traffic you will generate.
Most search engines update their listings about every 30 days.

If you aren’t implementing SEO regularly you can be wiped right off the list.
If you provide or sell or want to sell a service or product through the medium of web pages, you need web page optimization from an “SEO SPECIALIST.”

The key, then, is getting the site at the top of those lists, but with hundreds of new sites coming online every day that can be more difficult than it sounds. Higher rankings require search engine optimization on a regular monthly basis .
      Benefits on Monthly Search Engine Optimization  
Increases focused web site traffic to your web site = More Sales Revenues
Lowest cost per lead (compared to brochure mailing..etc )
Increases & MAINTAINS your brand’s WEB visibility

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