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Mobile Marketing for Businesses

A question is asked in an article published in Mobile Marketing Watch website – is mobile marketing taking over the SEO driven promotional campaigns. The answer is negative as both forms of marketing strategy have their importance at their own places. Like how the SEO driven marketing campaigns are evolving as the time passes, similarly the mobile marketing strategy is evolving on how to reach as many people as possible in the shortest span of time.

As there are about 70% + mobile users turning to smartphones in order to surf the web the marketers are looking forward to expand their reach through this emerging channel. The benefit of mobile marketing is that marketers can reach a larger audience in shorter span of time and the cost is less compared to other forms of marketing.


Is your web site ready for mobile marketing ?

1.Is your web site mobile and smart phone friendly on iOS / Android / Windows / Blackberry ?
2.Is your web site deploying a responsive mobile / tablet friendly design and coding ?

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Posted by Andy Alagappan on March 16th, 2014

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