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Local SEO Houston . Get found locally on search engines

Recent local search market studies show that 89% of consumers who use Internet search engines to find a local services or product follow up with a phone call or in-store visit. And 65% of those end up making their purchase offline. As a small localized services business owner, that means you can no longer afford to take your chances with traditional off line advertising mediums such as direct...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on June 29th, 2011

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Twitter & Facebook Now Have Impact On Your Site SEO & Search Ranking

Apply this information to your own marketing efforts to experience the full benefits of SEO on search ranking for free organic traffic to your site. • Quantity of Friends/Followers – just as with links, it’s likely the case that “more is better”, though there will likely be caveats; low quality bots and inauthentic accounts are likely to be filtered (and may be much easier to spot...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on February 15th, 2011

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local AD dollars are moving online FAST …

The Internet has now surpassed the print yellow pages and newspapers as the primary local resource for consumers looking for services. This is not to say that print newspapers and yellow pages don’t have meaningful usage anymore, but it’s clear where the momentum is. The Pew Internet and American Life study recently took a daily ‘snapshot’. Since 2002, the number of Internet users...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on December 30th, 2009

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