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Archive for January, 2011

Social Marketing Lifts Organic SEO Conversions

Very interesting data describing social media’s impact on SEO performance. The most interested stat I came across noted that marketers working in social media reported an average 27% conversion rate for organic search traffic. Those not working in social media reported 17%. That is a 58.8% difference — which is huge. What could cause this disparity? Possible explanations are found in a...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on January 23rd, 2011

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Role of SEO in B2B Marketing

SEO techniques have gained considerable importance in today’s world. When almost 90% of the users search their requirements using GOOGLE search engine, it becomes inevitable to use a proven and very experienced B2B SEO consultant’s services to make your presence felt in the B2B marketing world. In B2B marketing we are looking at earning profits, in simple words the seller wants to earn...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on January 13th, 2011

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Social media marketing . why ?

Improving the reputation of your website over the internet is best possible with the help of social media marketing and interactive marketing. Understanding what exactly social media marketing means is very necessary. For any business, it is very necessary to understand who the customers and competitors are, as this benefits the organization in the long run. Having a proper insight into the...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on January 3rd, 2011

B2B Marketing with SEO & PPC services

These days many website owners are convinced with the concept of SEO process . SEO , PPC & SMO are the most appropriate interactive services for ensuring overall growth of your business web site & on line. While there are a number of people who think that this may not be necessary, many business owners who are into competition killing know how pivotal good website ranking is to business...

Posted by Andy Alagappan on January 3rd, 2011